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Medi Grace Cosmetic is a leading option in the domain of skincare and beauty treatments. We are located in Camberwell, and we offer a variety of treatments with decades of experience. Our skincare experts and professionals apply their valuable knowledge and insights in giving the best service to our clients. Treatments like facial hair removal in Melbourne, face hydration treatment, anti-acne and anti-aging procedures, body care and beauty related treatments are seamlessly offered by Medi Grace Cosmetic.

Right from the selection of the top-rated products, equipment and procedures to preparing a unique plan for each individual depending upon the issues that they are facing, we undertake each of them with comprehensive knowledge of your skin. They are qualified with the milestones such as MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine and Diploma in America Academy Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

Our face hydration treatment is one of the best-specialised treatments that we offer to our clients. This procedure is also known as hydradermabrasion.

The face hydration treatment helps in keeping the skin hydrated, consequently making the skin softer and brighter. Oily skins and congested pores can be treated by this procedure. It exfoliates the acne-prone skin, consisting of natural ingredients, cleans and rejuvenates the skin. Certainly, our face hydration treatment can solve multiple complications related to skin.

A few of the other face hydration treatments offered by Medi Grace Cosmetic include anti-Wrinkle injection, which improves the skin texture and smoothens it. Another skin treatment includes V2 Skin boosters. This treatment involves injection, which softens the skin and gives a clear texture to it by removing the wrinkles and lines. Similar to these, there are several other treatments that you can have for glowing skin. Contact our experts today.

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