Melasma Treatment Melbourne

Melasma (also known as Chloasma) is an emollient, brownish-blotchy appearance on women’s faces which is caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure. The genetic susceptibility to Melasma is more often caused by hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, as well as sun-exposure. The majority of women suffer from it between the ages of 30 to 40. However, you can get rid of these problems with our Melasma treatment in Melbourne.

First, we go through a skin test that can determine if the facial pigmentation is caused by Melasma or other skin conditions which result in pigmentation, sun damage, or an amalgamation of causes.

At our Melasma treatment in Melbourne, we try to draw conclusions based on the facts that whether the pigment is superficial (Epidermal Melasma), deep (Dermal Melasma), or a mixture of the both (Mixed Melasma). This gives us better exposure in understanding the melasma treatment that we can give to our patients in Melbourne.

Melasma is a persistent skin condition, and the goal of our Melasma treatment in Melbourne is to control the problem rather than treat it. Melasma is often difficult to treat, which is why patience is required. Treatment of Melasma successfully requires the use of multiple strategies. Excessive sun exposure, later on, could trigger the recurrence.

While laser treatments can be extremely efficient, Medi Grace Cosmetic do not have only that option for our Melasma treatment in Melbourne.

Most of our patients with Melasma can receive a prescription that will include a combination of elements in the cream. Each element will thereby help you towards the Melasma treatment in Melbourne. Therefore, we make sure that we check your skin before we offer the best Melasma treatment in Melbourne. Contact us today or book in your complementary skin assessment to get started.

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