Nose Thread Lift Melbourne

Have you been on the looking for services around a nose thread lift in Melbourne? Here at Medi Grace Cosmetics, we are proud to offer a safe and minimally invasive alternative to Rhinoplasty. is an ingenious procedure that can change the shape of your nose quickly and offers natural results. This highly effective, non-invasive procedure offers all the advantages of a nose shape, reshape as well as lift, with a fast recovery time and with minimaldowntime when you select our nose thread lift in Melbourne.

Most of our clientsselect a nose thread lift in Melbourne to ensure minor refinements and tweaks are able to be made without compromising safety. This unique technique is also able to improve “bump” on the bridge of the nose or to create a balanced look with the rest of the face.

Our nose thread lift in Melbourne is considered to be the best alternative to surgery and can last for a prolonged period of time. This procedure is administered with local anaesthesia and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete by our Cosmetic Physicians.

During the procedure, the nose is cleaned, and an injectable, topical anaesthetic is injected to make the area numb ahead of the suture’s introduction to minimise discomfort.

There is only one entry point created at the nose’s tip to place the threads on the bridge of the nose. After the suture has been put in place, we will perform gentle shaping of the skin to alter the shape of it manually and to create an ideal lifted result.

The number of sutures used will depend on the patient’s preferred result.

  • Front appearance of the nose
  • The side profile of the nose
  • The tip of the nose
  • The bridge of the nose

The stitches that are used in the nose thread lift in Melbourne can last for a long time. As a result, they can also be adjusted and tightened so that they maintain the desired sleek and straight appearance later. So, contact us today for the best nose thread lift in Melbourne available here at Medi Grace Cosmetic.

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