Skin Booster Treatment

A non-invasive treatment, skin booster treatment at Medi Grace Cosmetic, will help to restore your skin’s health. This procedure targets problematic areas on the body and face. The treatment is a new and effective therapy for reviving the skin and giving it a youthful glow. Further, it enhances the skin’s quality, texture, and look by acting as an inner moisturiser or skin booster. It’s ideal for dull, exhausted skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and regions of skin harm sustained by acne or sun exposure.

Often, people mistake dermal fillers with skin booster treatment. They are constructed of a light hyaluronic acid gel injected into the epidermal layer to moisturise the skin and accelerate the synthesis of new healthy collagen. After undergoing skin booster treatment at Medi Grace Cosmetic, most of our clients describe their appearance and look as ‘firmer, bright, glowing, moisturised, and plumper.’

Usually, Medi Grace Cosmetic offers Skin Booster Treatment for:

  • Restoring a natural glow to a pale, tired-looking face.
  • Treating sun-damaged, acne-prone, or scarred skin.
  • Revitalising the eye area to minimise dark circles and fine wrinkles, giving a much brighter and younger appearance.
  • D├ęcolletage
  • Hands

Skin booster injections are administered at the skin’s surface, rather than more profound, in the problem areas (like dermal fillers). The skin booster’s lightweight hyaluronic acid molecules would absorb moisture from the body, hydrating the treated skin area. The procedure can provide the skin with a much more supple and healthy glow within as few as four weeks and can endure for up to nine months.

Medi Grace Cosmetic recommends skin booster treatment for every adult. This is an excellent treatment from which each one of you can benefit.

It is excellent for enhancing overall skin quality and providing a significant moisture boost to the skin. It is a perfect treatment for all individuals, whether they want to sustain healthy skin or have a particular condition to treat and enhance. Book your complementary skin assessment today with Medi Grace Cosmetic to find out more about our innovate and safe skin booster treatment.

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