Vascular Lesion Treatment

Vascular lesions are a typical abnormality of the skin and structures underneath it, wherein the skin becomes dark, pigmented or patchy. These occur on the face and sometimes on the legs. A birthmark is a common example of a vascular lesion. Our vascular lesion treatment is a popular choice for those who have prominent dark spots or birthmarks on their face and other areas of the body easily visible to the public. Our clinic also offers excellent vascular lesion treatment solutions.

We are Medi Grace Cosmetic beauty clinic, and we offer a variety of solutions as part of our vascular lesion treatment program. If your lesion is small or on the face, we usually destroy it using laser therapy. Sometimes, patients walk in with spider veins, another form of vascular lesions. This is commonly seen on the legs. We have sclerotherapy for this kind of abnormality. Sclerotherapy is a means of destroying redundant or unnecessary blood vessels.

Then again, we also need to undertake surgery to treat larger vascular malformations as part of our vascular lesion treatment. Once the lesion or the birthmark is destroyed, newer healthy and normal skin takes its place in some days.

While the laser and sclerotherapy vascular lesion treatment modules are relatively safe, there are some minor side effects seen in the initial days after the treatment. These include redness and bruising, and pain on contact with the treatment site. These typically go away after a few days.

At Medi Grace Cosmetic, we have decades of experience in handling all your hair, body and skin abnormalities. With us, you are assured of trustworthy, effective service that leaves you smiling! This includes the costs of treatments too. Get in touch with an expert today with your requirements.

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