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Viral infections can cause many inconveniences, and they can also be very embarrassing. These skin lesions are caused by a type of viral infection known as human papillomavirus (HPV). They can be transmitted via contact with skin or surfaces. Most commonly, warts will be found on your fingers, hands, genitals, and face. But they can affect any area of the skin. So, if you are looking for the best wart removal skin clinic near you, then your wait is over.

Warts affect not only adults but also school-aged children. A lot of Australians are affected by warts at one point or another in their lives. Hence, we provide the best wart removal treatments near you.

There are several methods to deal with warts.

  • Regular, 2 week-long cryotherapy (freezing of liquid nitrogen)
  • Regular paring and application of Cantharidin (extract of the blister beetle),
  • Application of salicylic acid high concentration application
  • Regular occlusion with adhesive tape
  • Imiquimod or Podophyllotoxin to treat genital warts
  • DCP (Diphenylcyclopropenone) application, an immune system stimulator

While these may seem optimal treatments, many of these may cause inflammation of warts. We occasionally offer electrosurgery for stubborn warts, following local anaesthetic injections. However, each decision is only taken after having a strong observation of the skin.

An initial consultation with one of our dermatologists is highly recommended. This will confirm the diagnosis and help you decide which wart removal treatment near me option is suitable. Your choice will depend on many factors like your availability, how long it takes to get there, what you’ve tried in the past, and cost. So, talk to our team and let us know your requirements. You can book a free skin assessment, and then we can proceed with the best treatment plan when looking for wart removal treatment near me. Discover the Medi Grace Cosmetic difference for yourself today.

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