Skin Concerns

Skin Concern Treatments

Invest in beautiful skin with a variety of effective acne treatments.
​Speak to our expert team from our Camberwell Clinic to tailor the perfect treatment
solution for you and your skin.

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V2 skin booster injections are an aesthetic treatment we provide based on your specific skin needs. The team at our specialised skincare clinic will assess your concerns and tailor a solution to get you the best results possible. V2 boosters are injected to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, achieve smoother skin, restore volume, enhance your lips, or attain a radiant glow.


Enjoy facial rejuvenation, muscle and joint pain relief, and a fresh glow with our LED light treatment. We use a low-level LED to produce therapeutic light that is safe and beneficial for your skin. This is all delivered at our clinic by experienced and qualified staff without any risk of trauma or thermal damage to your skin.


The Hydra facial or hydradermabrasion treatment is a facial treatment that is ideal for all skin types. It helps to give your clearer, hydrated, refreshed, and younger-looking skin! This treatment is also great in targeting skin pigmentation, oil and congestion, dry skin, and even fine lines and wrinkles.


Enjoy exclusive skin health and beauty products at our Camberwell skincare clinic. Medi Grace Cosmetic offers a selection of Dermaceutic Laboratoire products, recommended in combination with our treatments.


A chemical peel at our skincare clinic helps to accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process. This controlled procedure encourages rejuvenation and the growth of new skin. It is highly effective in treating acne-prone skin, reducing premature signs of aging, targeting pigmentation and melasma.